DR Strangelove Full Movie 1964 - Peter Sellers


DR Strangelove full movie 1964 - Peter Sellers as DR Strangelove -Directed by Stanley Kubrick General Jack D. Ripper is suffering from paranoia. He strongly believes that Russia is about to attack the free world. To prevent the imminent attack, General Ripper decides to go rogue and execute a nuclear strike against Russia without the knowledge of the President. It seems that all is lost as the strike cannot be called off and Ripper has locked the base down making it nearly impossible to penetrate. Decade: 60s Genres: British, Comedy, War Directed by: Stanley Kubrick "Dr. Strangelove" (1964) Cast: Peter Sellers - Dr. Strangelove George C. Scott - General Buck Turgidson Sterling Hayden - General Jack D. Ripper Keenan Wynn - Colonel Bat Guano Slim Pickens - Major T. J. "King" Kong Peter Bull - Alexei de Sadeski James Earl Jones - Lieutenant Lothar Zogg Tracy Reed - Miss Scott Shane Rimmer - Ace Owens https://archive.org/ details/DRStrangelove 20130616