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      SCROOGE - Original Classic Movie Charles Dickens Classic Story Best Version of all 19395 Scrooge is a 1935 Cinema of the United Kingdom fantasy film directed by Henry Edwards (actor) and starring Seymour Hicks, Donald Calthrop and Robert Cochran. Hicks appears as Ebenezer Scrooge, the miser who hates Christmas. It was the first sound version of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol

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      The Legend of Marilyn Monroe
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      The Legend of Marilyn Monroe

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      The Boy in the Plastic Bubble - John Travolta Starring: John Travolta as Tod Lubitch Glynnis O'Connor as Gina Biggs Robert Reed as Johnny Lubitch Diana Hyland as Mickey Lubitch Ralph Bellamy P.J. Soles Kelly Ward Vernee Watson-Johnson (as Vernee Watson) The film centers on the life of Tod Lubitch, who was born with an improperly functioning immune system. This means that contact with unfiltered air may kill him, so he must live out his life in a Neonatal intensive-care unit. He lives with his parents since they decided to move him from Texas Children's Hospital where he was being kept as a boy. He is constricted to staying in his room all his life, where he eats, learns, reads, and exercises while being protected from the outside world by various coverings. As Tod grows up, he wishes to see more of the outside world and meet regular people his age. He is enrolled at the local school after being equipped with suitable protective clothing, similar in style to a space suit. He falls in love with his next-door neighbor, Gina Biggs, and he must decide between following his heart and facing near-certain death or remaining in his protective bubble forever. In the end, after having a discussion with his doctor who tells him he has built up some immunities which may possibly be enough to survive the real world, he steps outside his house, unprotected, and he and Gina ride off on her horse.The Boy in the Plastic Bubble is a 1976 film Television movie inspired by the lives of David Vetter and Ted DeVita, who lacked effective immune systems. It stars John Travolta, Glynnis O'Connor, Diana Hyland, Robert Reed, and P.J. Soles. It was written by Douglas Day Stewart, executive produced by Aaron Spelling and Leonard Goldberg (who, at the time, produced Starsky and Hutch and Charlie's Angels), and directed by Randal Kleiser, who would work with Travolta again in Grease (film) shortly after. The original music score was composed by Mark Snow. William Howard Taft High School in Woodland Hills was used for filming. The movie first aired on November 1, 1976, on the American Broadcasting Company television network. us.archive.org/8/items/The_Boy_In_The_Plastic_Bubble

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      Born to Win i1971 - The film follows Jay Jay (Segal), a former hairdresser who has become a drug addict. He lives his new life by doing deals for Vivian (Elizondo) from time to time. One day he meets Parm (Black), a free-spirited girl. The two fall in love. Jay Jay's drug habit grows, and he soon resorts to robbery. On the threat of arrest, he works alongside two dirty policemen by becoming an Informant, and reports on his former fellow junkies. Yet, as the movie continues, Jay Jay sinks deeper into turmoil with feelings of self-hatred. us.archive.org/33/items/BorntoWin/ Born to Win is a 1971 black comedy film directed by Ivan Passer and starring George Segal, Karen Black, Paula Prentiss, Hector Elizondo and Robert De Niro. Released by United Artists

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      The Little Shop of Horrors 1960
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      The Little Shop of Horrors 1960 The Little Shop of Horrors is a 1960 American comedy horror film directed by Roger Corman. Written by Charles B. Griffith, the film is a farce about an inadequate florist's assistant who cultivates a plant that feeds on human flesh and blood.

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      The Phantom of the Opera 1925
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      The Phantom of the Opera 1925 horror, Lon Chaney, Movie Powder, avi A mad, disfigured composer seeks love with a lovely young opera singer. - IMDB Description }} File:The Phantom of the Opera (1925).webm The Phantom of the Opera is a 1925 American Silent film horror film adaptation of Gaston Leroux's The Phantom of the Opera. It was directed by Rupert Julian and starred Lon Chaney, Sr in the title role of the deformed Phantom who haunts the Palais Garnier, causing murder and mayhem in an attempt to make the woman he loves a star. The movie remains most famous for Chaney's ghastly, self-devised make-up, which was kept a studio secret until the film's premiere. The picture also features Mary Philbin, Norman Kerry, Arthur Edmund Carewe, Gibson Gowland, John St. Polis, and Snitz Edwards. The last surviving cast member was Carla Laemmle (1909–2014), niece of producer Carl Laemmle, who played a small role as "prima ballerina" in the film when she was about 15. The Film adaptation by Elliott J. Clawson, Tom Reed (screenwriter) and Raymond L. Schrock and was directed by Rupert Julian and with supplemental direction by Lon Chaney and Edward Sedgwick.

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      The Legend of Boggy Creek 1972
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      The Legend of Boggy Creek 1972 movies, monster, horror, bigfoot, drive in, Arkansas, Fouke, swamp, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Charles B. Pierce Low budget but atmospheric telling of the Bigfoot legend. Made in a docu-drama style using some of the original 'witnesses' acting out and telling their stories. Quite a big 'Drive In' hit when it was first released.

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      Driller Killer-Uncut 1979
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      Driller Killer-Uncut 1979 horror, Abel Ferrara http://imdb.com/title/tt0079082/ An artist slowly loses his mind as he and his two female friends scrape to pay the bills. The punk band downstairs increasingly agitates him, his art dealer is demanding that he complete his big canvas painting as promised, and he gets into fights with his girlfriends. When the dealer laughs at his canvas he snaps, and begins taking it out on the people responsible for his pain and random transients in the manner suggested by the title.Uncut Version. Warning: Adult language and situations. Viewer discretion advised. The Driller Killer is a 1979 horror film film directed by and starring Abel Ferrara. It was on a list of banned so-called video nasty in the United Kingdom. The film was released in 1979, it became banned in the UK in 1984 due to new censorship laws, until 1999, when a version omitting 54 secs from the head-drilling scene and 2 earlier murders was approved for an 18 certificate. The full uncut version was finally passed by the BBFC in November 2002. On 10 June 2010 it was re-released as video on demand (VOD).<></> Plot A young artist, Reno Miller (Abel Ferrara) and his girlfriend Carol enter a Catholic church. Reno approaches an elderly bearded man kneeling at the pulpit. Although Reno seems to recognize the man as his long-lost father, he is merely a derelict. After the man seizes Reno's hand, Reno grabs Carol and runs from the church. The derelict had a paper with Reno's name and phone number and requested a meeting with him. Later, in the Union Square (New York City) apartment he shares with Carol and her lover Pamela, Reno receives a large phone bill and cannot pay his rent. He hates his crime-infested, derelict-filled neighborhood. Reno visits Dalton, a gallery owner, and tells him that he is currently painting a masterpiece. Reno asks for a week’s extension and a loan of $500 to cover the rent. Dalton uses, saying that he already lent enough money to Reno. However, if he finishes a satisfactory painting in one week, Dalton will buy it for the necessary amount. The following day, the Roosters, a No Wave band, begin practicing their music in a nearby apartment. The loud music makes Reno more unnerved and frustrated. That night, Reno, Carol, and Pamela watch a TV advertisement for a Porto-Pak, a battery pack which allows portable use of corded electrical appliances. At 2:00 a.m., while painting, Reno becomes more agitated from the Roosters' music. After seeing his own image saturated in blood, Reno walks in the dark. He sees an elderly derelict sleeping in a garbage-strewn alley. It seems that Reno plans to accost the man, but instead, he takes him down an alley where they see gang members chasing another bum. Reno drops the bum and vows that he will not end up like him or his derelict father. The next day, Reno complains about the Roosters to their landlord. However, the landlord uses to act because the music does not bother him. He gives Reno a skinned rabbit for dinner, but demands the rent money. Reno takes the rabbit home and repeatedly stabs it while preparing it. Later, Reno buys the Porto-Pak. During a brief reprieve from the music, Reno hears voices calling his name and sees an image of an eyeless Carol. That night, Reno goes out with the Porto-Pak and his drill attached to it. He sees another bum sleeping inside an abandoned diner and kills him by drilling into his chest. The following evening, Reno, Carol, and Pamela see Tony Coca-Cola and the Roosters at a nightclub. As the Roosters play, Reno becomes agitated by the loud music and crowd. He leaves as Carol and Pamela dance and make out. Reno returns to his apartment, grabs the drill and Porto-Pak, and goes out on a drilling spree. He kills a number of bums before returning home to sleep. Later, Tony visits Reno’s apartment and asks Reno to paint him. Tony agrees to pose that instant for the $500 rent bill. As Reno paints, Tony poses, playing his guitar and making out with Pamela. A bum in a nearby alley, upset by the noise, is attacked by Reno who drills his hands to a wall in a crucifix pose before killing him. Afterward, Reno works on his painting. After a night’s work, he wakes Pamela and Carol to tell them it is finished. Reno and Carol show the painting to Dalton, who leaves after declaring it “unacceptable.” Carol yells at Reno for sitting with a blank expression. The next morning, Reno awakes to find Carol is leaving him for her ex-husband, Stephen. File:Driller Killer Over-the-Shoulder Shot.png from the murderer's perspective as Reno approaches Dalton to kill him with the drill.}}} That evening, Reno calls Dalton and invites him to see another piece. When Dalton arrives as the Roosters are practicing, Reno drills him. After visiting the Roosters, Pamela returns to find a bloody drill bit in front of the door and Dalton’s body inside. Pamela backs away screaming, but Reno grabs her. Across town, Carol is back with Stephen. She takes a shower while Stephen prepares tea. Reno sneaks in, drills Stephen in the back, and hides his body behind the counter. Carol, done showering, walks to the bedroom where Reno hides under the bed covers. She turns out the lights, gets into bed, and tells "Stephen" to "come here..." Cast Abel Ferrara (credited as Jimmy Laine) – Reno Miller Carolyn Marz – Carol Baybi Day – Pamela Harry Schultz II – Dalton Briggs Alan Wynroth – Landlord Maria Helhoski – Nun James O'Hara – Man in church Richard Howorth – Carol's husband D.A. Metrov (credited as Rhodney Montreal) – Tony Coca-Cola Louis Mascolo; Knife victim Production File:The Driller Killer Pinball Scene Shot to Shot.png in the film as the protagonist Reno (on the right) Pinball while Pamela looks on.}}} The Driller Killer is a low-budget, independent feature, with a cast of unknown actors, produced by Ferrara's own Navaron Films company 1977-78. It was filmed on 16mm film and utilised Ferrara's Union Square apartment and adjacent streets as locations. Many cut versions of the movie still exist, which show scenes of drilling into heads and abdomens blacked-out. The uncut version of the movie cuts to a black screen during the scene in which Dalton is murdered, as well as during the end scene in which Reno hides under Carol's bed covers. Instead of a black screen, the British BBFC 18 version cuts to a red screen during these two scenes. Reception The Driller Killer was met with positive reviews, earning a 70% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was released theatrically in America without controversy in 1979. In the United Kingdom, however, the reaction to the video release was very different. In 1982, the UK distributors of Driller Killer, Vipco (Video Instant Picture Company) took out full page advertisements in a number of movie magazines showing the video's violently explicit cover, depicting a man being drilled through the forehead by the Driller Killer.< name="Nick Johnstone 1999"/> The tagline for the advertising and video box was: "There are those who kill violently."< name="Video Nasties"/> The advertising resulted in a large number of complaints to the Advertising Standards Agency, and opposition to the film from the press and elsewhere; however, it seems that very few of the complainants ever saw the film but based their opinion on the poster and title.< name="Nick Johnstone 1999"/> The film was lumped together with other "Video nasty" released at the time and a vociferous campaign was launched by the press to ban them all. Driller Killer was added to the list of banned UK films on 4 July 1983, just a year after its release date.< name="Video Nasties"/> According to Mike Bor, the Principal Examiner at the British Board of Film Classification, "The Driller Killer was almost single-handedly responsible for the Video Recordings Act 1984" under which it and others of the "video nasties" released at the time were banned in the U.K.< name="Nick Johnstone 1999"/> According to Brad Stevens, author of a biography on Abel Ferrara, the banning of the film was "almost entirely due to the cover of the video." < name="Video Nasties"/> The movie was not officially released uncut in the UK until 2002. Remake plans In 2007, it was announced that the film would be remade by British people film maker Andrew Jones.< name=Twitch1></> It was reported that this new version of the film would also feature many unusual cameos and an original musical score. The remake would have moved the setting from New York to London and starred David Hess. Andrew Jones contacted Baybi Day to help co-produce and have a small acting role in the remake of Driller Killer. The title of the remake was designated Driller Killer Redux. The project came to a halt after a financial deal between the executive producers and the two people who held the rights to the original movie could not be reached

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      Grave of the Vampire
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      Grave Of The Vampire 1974 vampire, William Smith, Michael Pataki, Lyn Peters William Smith tracks down his father, a vampire who raped his mother. The IMDB entry is here. The mpeg2 file has nav-packets, so you can load it into DVDAuthorGUI (a free program) to create a DVD to watch on your television. Grave of the Vampire is a 1972<></> American horror film directed by John Hayes (director). The film is also known as Seed of Terror (American reissue title). Plot Several years after his death by electrocution in the late 1930s, ghoulish rapist/murderer Caleb Croft (Michael Pataki) rises from his crypt and brutally assaults young Leslie Hollander (Kitty Vallacher). Leslie becomes pregnant by Croft and delivers a baby boy, whom she nurses with bottles of blood. The child matures into the ruggedly handsome James Eastman (William Smith), who sets out on a mission to find and kill his diabolical father. Eastman enrolls in a college night course that his father is teaching as Professor Lockwood. Following a séance hosted by the professor for his students, James confronts his father in a showdown between good and evil. Cast William Smith (actor) as James Eastman Michael Pataki as Caleb Croft Lyn Peters as Anne Arthur Diane Holden as Anita Jacoby Lieux Dressler as Olga Eric Mason as Lieutenant Panzer Jay Adler as Old Zack Jay Scott as Paul William Guhl as Sergeant Duffy Margaret Fairchild as Miss Fenwick Carmen Argenziano as Sam Frank Whiteman Abbi Henderson as Carol Moskowitz Inga Neilsen Lindis Guinness Kitty Vallacher as The Unwilling Mother

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      Horror Express 1973
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      Horror Express 1973 horror, Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Telly Savalas In 1906, on a train racing through Siberia, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are engulfed in a nightmare when a frozen missing link comes to life. You can load the mpeg2 file into DVDAuthorGUI (a free program) and, with the push of a button, quickly create the structure of a DVD to watch on your television (after burning with ImgBurn or the like). Horror Express, also known as Pánico en el Transiberiano/Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express, is a 1972 Spain/United Kingdom horror film directed by Eugenio Martín and starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Alberto de Mendoza, and Telly Savalas. It was produced by Bernard Gordon (writer) and written by } The story opens with Saxton narrating; "The following report to the Royal Geological Society by the undersigned Alexander Saxton is a true and faithful account of the events that befell the society's expedition in Manchuria. As the leader of the expedition, I must accept the responsibility for its ending in disaster. But I will leave, to the judgement of the honorable members, the decision as to where the blame for the catastrophe lies..." =Plot= In 1906, Professor Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee), a renowned United Kingdom anthropology, is returning to Europe by the Trans-Siberian Express from China to Moscow. With him is a crate containing the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature that he discovered in a cave in Manchuria. He hopes it is a Transitional fossil#Missing_links in human evolution. Doctor Wells (Peter Cushing), Saxton's friendly rival and Royal Society colleague, is also on-board but travelling separately. Before the train departs Shanghai, a thief is found dead on the platform. His eyes are completely white and without irises or pupils, and a bystander initially mistakes him for a blind man. A monk named Father Pujardov (Alberto de Mendoza), the spiritual advisor to a Poles Count and Countess who are also waiting to board the train, proclaims the contents of the crate to be evil. Saxton furiously dismisses this as superstition. Saxton's eagerness to keep his scientific find secret arouses the suspicion of Wells, who bribes a porter to investigate the crate. The porter is killed by the ape-like creature within, which then escapes the crate by picking the lock. The creature finds more victims as it roams the moving train, each victim being found with the same opaque, white eyes. An autopsy suggests that the brains of the victims are being drained of memories and knowledge. When the creature is gunned down by police Inspector Mirov, the threat seems to have been vanquished. Saxton and Wells discover that images are retained in a liquid found inside the eyeball of the corpse, which reveals a prehistoric Earth and a view of the planet seen from space. They deduce that the real threat is somehow a formless Extraterrestrial life that inhabited the body of the creature and now resides within the Inspector. Father Pujardov, sensing the greater presence inside the Inspector and believing it to be that of Satan, renounces his faith to pledge allegiance to the mysterious entity. News of the murders is wired to the Russian authorities. An intimidating Cossack officer, Captain Kazan (Telly Savalas), boards the train with a handful of his men. Kazan believes the train is transporting rebels; he is only convinced of the alien's existence when Mirov is discovered to be the creature's host when Saxton switches off the lights and Mirov's eyes glow. The creature has absorbed the memories of Wells' assistant, an engineer, and others. It seeks the Polish Count's metallurgy knowledge too, in order to build a vessel to escape Earth. Kazan fatally shoots Mirov, and the alien transfers itself to the deranged Pujardov. The passengers flee to the freight car while Pujardov murders Kazan, his men, and the Count, draining all their minds. Saxton rescues the Countess and holds Pujardov at gunpoint. Saxton, having discovered that bright light prevents the entity from draining minds or transferring to another body, forces Pujardov into a brightly lit area. The creature/Pujardov explains that it is a collective form of energy from another galaxy. Trapped on Earth in the distant past after being left behind in an accident, it survived for millions of years in the bodies of protozoa, fish, and other animals, but cannot live outside a living being longer than a few moments. The creature begs to be spared, tempting Saxton with its advanced knowledge of technology and cures for diseases. While Saxton is distracted by the offer, the creature resurrects the Count's corpse which attacks Saxton. Saxton and the Countess flee the creature, but it now resurrects all of its victims as zombies. Battling their way through, Saxton and the Countess eventually reach the caboose, where the other survivors have taken uge. Once there, Saxton and Wells work desperately to uncouple themselves from the rest of the train. The Russian government sends a telegram to a dispatch station ahead, instructing them to destroy the train by sending it down a dead-end spur. Speculating that it must be war, the station staff switch the points. The creature takes control of the train as it enters the spur. Saxton and Wells manage to separate the last car from the rest of the train just before the train jumps the track and tumbles to the bottom of a deep ravine. The caboose rolls precariously to the end of the track before stopping, inches away from the edge of the cliff. The survivors quickly depart from the van while Saxton, Wells and the Countess gaze over the ravine to witness the inferno consuming the train and its unearthly inhabitants. Cast Christopher Lee ... Professor Sir Alexander Saxton Peter Cushing ... Dr. Wells Alberto de Mendoza ... Father Pujardov Telly Savalas ... Captain Kazan Julio Peña ... Inspector Mirov Silvia Tortosa ... Countess Irina Petrovski Ángel del Pozo ... Yevtushenko Helga Liné ... Natasha Alice Reinheart ... Miss Jones José Jaspe ... Conductor Konev George Rigaud ... Count Marion Petrovski Víctor Israel ... Maletero – the Baggage Man Faith Clift ... American Passenger (credited as Faith Swift) Juan Olaguivel ... the Creature (credited as Juan Olaguibel) Barta Barri ... First Telegraphist Production Horror Express was filmed in Madrid between 1971 and 1972, produced on a low budget of $300,000 with the luxury of having three familiar genre actors in the lead. The film was co-produced by American screenwriter/producer Bernard Gordon (writer), who had collaborated with Martin on the 1972 film Pancho Villa (film) (which featured Savalas in the title role). Though it was believed that as Bernard Gordon had acquired the train model used in Nicholas and Alexandra and he commissioned a script for its use, The film had the train station sequences shot at the 1880 Railway Museum (Madrid) designed by Gustave Eiffel. Securing Lee and Cushing was a coup for Gordon, since it lent a certain atmosphere reminiscent of Hammer Film Productions, many of which starred both of the actors. However, when Cushing arrived in Madrid to begin work on the picture, he was still distraught over the recent death of his wife, and announced to Gordon that he could not do the film. With Gordon desperate over the idea of losing one of his important stars, Lee stepped in and put Cushing at ease simply by talking to his old friend about some of their previous work together. Cushing changed his mind and stayed on.

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      Bloody Pit of Horror
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      A group of models and cameramen go to a castle to shoot covers for horror novels where they’re captured and tortured by the castle’s owner, the Crimson Executioner. The evil spirit of a former resident known as ‘the Crimson Executioner’ is then released by accident. The spirit possesses Travis, who begins punishing his guests for their (unspecified) physical and spiritual imperfections. Actors: Mickey Hargitay, Walter Brandi, Director: Massimo Pupillo (as Max Hunter), Date: 1960’s.

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      Reefer Madness 1936
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      Reefer Madness 1936 Considered THE archetypal sensationalized anti-drug movie, but it's really an exploitation film made to capitalize on the hot taboo subject of marijuana use. Like many exploitation films of the time, "Reefer Madness" tried to make a quick buck off of a forbidden subject while skirting the Motion Picture Production Code of 1930. The Code forbade the portrayal of immoral acts like drug use. (The illegal drug traffic must not be portrayed in such a way as to stimulate curiosity concerning the use of, or traffic in, such drugs; nor shall scenes be approved which show the use of illegal drugs, or their effects, in detail.) The film toured around the country for many years - often being re-edited and re-titled ("Tell Your Children", "Dope Addict", "Doped Youth", "Love Madness", "The Burning Question"). It was re-discovered in the early 1970s by NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and screened again as an example of the government's demonization of marijuana. NORML may have been confused about the film's sponsorship since one of the film's distributors, Dwain Esper, testified to the Arizona Supreme Court that "Reefer Madness" was not a trashy exploitation film but was actually sponsored by the U.S. Government - a convincing lie, but a lie nonetheless. That being said, the film is still quick enjoyable since it dramatizes the "violent narcotic's ... soul destroying" effects on unwary teens, and their hedonistic exploits enroute to the bottom. You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page. Also, if you are interested in the rich, uniquely American history of exploitation films, there are two excellent books on the subject: "Forbidden Fruit - The Golden Age of the Exploitation Film", Felicia Feaster and Bret Wood, Midnight Marquee Press, 1999. "Bold! Daring! Shocking! True! A History of Exploitation Films, 1919 - 1959" Eric Schaefer, Duke University Press, 1999. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0028346/plotsummary

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      DR Strangelove full movie 1964 - Peter Sellers as DR Strangelove -Directed by Stanley Kubrick General Jack D. Ripper is suffering from paranoia. He strongly believes that Russia is about to attack the free world. To prevent the imminent attack, General Ripper decides to go rogue and execute a nuclear strike against Russia without the knowledge of the President. It seems that all is lost as the strike cannot be called off and Ripper has locked the base down making it nearly impossible to penetrate. Decade: 60s Genres: British, Comedy, War Directed by: Stanley Kubrick "Dr. Strangelove" (1964) Cast: Peter Sellers - Dr. Strangelove George C. Scott - General Buck Turgidson Sterling Hayden - General Jack D. Ripper Keenan Wynn - Colonel Bat Guano Slim Pickens - Major T. J. "King" Kong Peter Bull - Alexei de Sadeski James Earl Jones - Lieutenant Lothar Zogg Tracy Reed - Miss Scott Shane Rimmer - Ace Owens https://archive.org/ details/DRStrangelove 20130616

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      The Legend of Marilyn Monroe
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      The Legend of Marilyn Monroe

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